CABE 2022 Session Handout

Effective Literacy Education for English Learners: Beyond Foundational Skills

California Crosswalk

Effective Literacy Education for English Learner/Emergent Bilingual Students in California.

A crosswalk of California policy with the NCEL white paper

Author: Dr. Laurie Olsen

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September 2022 Webinar Resources

Effective Literacy Instruction for Multilingual Learners: What it is and What it Looks Like


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Research and Policy Overview

Towards Comprehensive Effective Literacy Policy and Instruction for Emergent Bilingual/ English Learner Students


Authors: Dr. Kathy Escamilla, Dr. Laurie Olsen and Dr. Jody Slavick

Listen Here to the White Paper Webinar
by Dr. Kathy Escamilla and Dr. Laurie Olsen.